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A taste of things to come in The Landeryou Files: How it used to be for Landeryou and Lew

The Age, Saturday 31 August 1996

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your article on Solomon Lew. It was refreshing to read an account that is not heavy with bias, envy and prejudice.

As Michael Gawenda's account made clear, Lew is an Australian success story. From humble first-generation migrant beginnings, he has risen to the top rank of business and was a board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The article shows him to be entrepreneurial, a good employer and an astute business operator who is in for the long haul rather than opportunistic, short-term business plays. It is a story which should be celebrated and emulated.

Instead, Lew has been subjected to our familiar tall poppy treatment. If shooting down and denigrating the successful were to be an Olympic sport, it would be Gold! Gold! Gold! to Australia.

Andrew Landeryou


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El Gordo will probably say that Cait or Catter8 or Rita wrote that letter, not him.

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Here my offering.
(The Age, May 8, 1991)

Scuffles At University In Student Union Row

Melbourne University students demonstrated against their student union president and general secretary yesterday and demanded their dismissal.

Scuffles broke out as some of the 1000 students attempted to confront the officers, both members of the university Labor Club The students claimed that the union president, Mr Andrew Landeryou, and the general secretary, Mr Keir Semmens, had failed to act on issues of mismanagement and campus overcrowding.

Mr Landeryou - the son of the MLC and former Cain Government minister Mr Bill Landeryou, - was behind the barred doors of his office during the confrontation. He later told `The Age' that the allegations were untrue, and that they had been made by ``people from the ultra-left who are just tapping into a popular theme''.

The theme, the alleged mismanagement and misuse of public resources, has been vigorously pursued by a group on campus. Many of the group's allegations have been the subject of defamation actions by the student-union leaders.

The opponents of the leadership say they are not trying to sack Mr Landeryou and Mr Semmens because of their politics, but because they have failed to carry out their their responsibilities. They are promising to hold a full inquiry after a new election for the positions of union president and general secretary.

The opposition group was outmanoeuvred at a general meeting of students yesterday. An attempt to dismiss the officers at the meeting was blocked when a petition signed by more than 50 students sought a referendum.